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Morning Catch on the Scioto River was chosen by jury for the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition in 2018.




Women's Military Service Memorial
The Women in Military Service for America Memorial in Washington, DC, was scattered with rose petals for Memorial Day.



RFK's Grave
Placing the camera on the sidewalk yielded this ground level view of Robert F. Kennedy’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, 2015.



Museum of Modern Art
The National Gallery of Art Modern Art Wing in Washington, DC, juxtaposed with the nearby fountain create a graphically interesting image.



 Chandelier at National Museum of Women in the Arts
The chandelier and architectural details in the ceiling of this art museum create beautiful symmetry. (National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.)



 Cathedral Windows
The Pilgrim’s Gallery at the Washington National Cathedral stretches out before visitors, inviting them to look out the windows for a view of the city.




Vietnam Soldier Tribute
Fort Sheridan Cemetery at the Fort Sheridan Nature Preserve in Illinois is the last resting place for many soldiers who fought in the Vietnam war.