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The blue hour at Kessler Swamp State Nature Preserve


Conkle’s Hollow Winter Vista



Winter at Big Spring Hollow



The trail beckons you to Hocking State Forest


Leaning Pines at Airplane Rock in Hocking State Forest



Purple dawn at Airplane Rock in Hocking State Forest


Shadow and shine at Conkle’s Hollow


A winding road through Hocking State Forest (Big PIne Road)



On a day like this, hikers will hear the roar of Cedar Falls even before they descend the first step into the gorge.




Conkle's Hollow Waterfall - 2
Try to visit Conkle’s Hollow in the spring when the waterfall is more likely to be flowing full force.




Ash Cave Summer Panorama
Hikers who are at Ash Cave at dawn may find that they have the cave all to themselves.




Ash Cave Winter Panorama
Ash Cave frames a serene view of snow covered hemlocks.




Cantwell Cliffs Ice Storm
Cantwell Cliffs after an ice storm feels like a dream world.




Old Man's Cave Winter Panorama
Against the back wall of Old Man’s Cave, a hiker is sheltered from the winter storm outside.




Long Hollow Icy Waterfall
Cheryl took this photo of the waterfall in Long Hollow moments before the ice from the top of waterfall cracked, fell, and destroyed the top of the ice cone.




Old Man's Cave Arched Bridge Winter View
Snow bends the branches of Hemlocks over the arched bridge at Old Man’s Cave.





Cedar Falls Winter View
The lively flow of Cedar Falls slows down into a stream of ice on this snowy winter day.





Winter at the Upper Falls
Snow, ice, and clear flowing water crown the Upper Falls at Old Man’s Cave with winter splendor.




Snow Storm at the Lower Falls
Snow flakes streak across the sky in this shot of a winter storm at the Lower Falls of Old Man’s Cave.




Winter scenes such as this frozen waterfall at Conkle’s Hollow draw many visitors to the Hocking Hills.




Through the Eye of the Old Man
The mist of dawn arises from the forest in this view from deep within Old Man’s Cave.





Upper Falls at Old Man's Cave in Autumn
The roaring of the Upper Falls was exhilarating on this chilly autumn day after some flooding rains.




Here is the Lower Falls at Old Man’s Cave in all of its thundering glory.




With one foot in the water of the foaming creek, Cheryl captured this shot of Cedar Falls.




The rising sun speaks of the inspiration hikers will find along the path to Whispering Cave.




The arched bridge at Old Man’s Cave beckons hikers to explore the gorge.




Tinges of fall color frame Cedar Falls after an early morning autumn rain.




Autumn leaves give a warm glow to the Lower Falls at Old Man’s Cave.




Buckeye Lake Sunrise - August 2017
The sun rises over Buckeye Lake in a glorious way.




Sunrise over Buckeye Lake - August, 2017 black-and-white
The sunrise over Buckeye Lake is also dramatic depicted in black and white.



Airplane Rock Autumn View
Airplane Rock, near Conkle’s Hollow, reaches out over a vista of Hocking State Forest.




During a snow storm at Kessler Swamp State Nature Preserve, the dry seeds of joe-pye weed promise future regeneration.




Yellow Spring
Yellow Spring at Glen Helen Nature Preserve looks more orange than yellow because of the iron in the water.




Big Spring Hollow Waterfall
Big Spring Hollow Waterfall in the Hocking State Forest is spectacular after a few days of rain.



Ash Cave Icefall
In winter, the creek at Ash Cave freezes into an icefall  that builds up into a hill of ice.




Icy Creek at Ash Cave
The creek that meanders through Ash Cave gorge and parallels the trail is inviting at any time of the year.




 Approach to Rockbridge State Nature Preserve
The trail to Rockbridge State Nature Preserve meanders off into the distance, calling hikers to a winter adventure.




Sheick Hollow Summer
The wild and beautiful Sheick Hollow State Nature Preserve is accessible only by a permit from the Ohio Department of Natural Areas and Preserves.


Sheick Hollow Autumn
The stream in Sheick Hollow lies covered in a tawny blanket of leaves in autumn.




 Ghostly Trees at Shallenberger State Nature Preserve
Shallenberger State Nature Preserve is rumored to haunted, perhaps by these ghostly shadows of trees.  ( ;




Fiery Forest Path
The path at Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve is dressed in fiery colors in Autumn.




Darby Creek Prairie
A graceful branch overhangs the golden prairie at Darby Creek Metro Park.




Burr Oak Lak,e Tom Jenkins Dam
Clouds in the sky and reflections of clouds in the glassy surface of Burr Oak lake frame the tower at Tom Jenkins Dam.



 Blackhand Sandstone Cliff at Sheick Hollow
The blackhand sandstone cliffs at Sheick Hollow State Nature Preserve are among the most colorful in the Hocking Hills. Sheick Hollow is accessible only by a permit from the Ohio Department of Natural Areas and Preserves.




Autumn View from the Rim Trail at Conkle's Hollow
Do not miss the view from the rim trail at Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve in the fall.



Late Autumn Oaks at Conkle's Hollow
At Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve, autumn is beautiful from start to finish.





Smaller Falls at Cedar Falls
To the right of Cedar Falls in the Hocking Hills there is a smaller waterfall that looks beautiful after a rain.  Some people call it Hidden Falls.  The trail to this area has recently been closed.




Cedar Falls
Cedar Falls in the Hocking Hills is bright and lively on a sunny summer day.




Waterfall at Conkle's Hollow
After a hard rain, the waterfall at the end of the gorge trail in Conkle’s Hollow does not disappoint.




Winter Sunrise at Kessler Swamp
The winter sunrise paints the sky and the surface of the water at Kessler Swamp State Nature Preserve.




Foggy Sunrise at Kessler Swamp
The sun is just coloring the sky on a foggy morning at Kessler Swamp State Nature Preserve.



Old Man's Cave Lower Falls
The rising sun sparkles over the Lower Falls at Old Man’s Cave.




Robinson Falls
In this photo, Robinson Falls, located in a permit only area of Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve, is full of the vigor of early spring rains.




Rock House, located in the Hocking Hills State Park, shows the rainbow of colors found in Blackhand Sandstone.