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Monarch and Butterfly Bush




Black Swallowtail and Prairie Dock


An eastern tiger swallowtail and a friend on mountain mint in Shawnee State Forest



Eastern Tiger Swallowtails and Spicebush Swallowtails nectaring on joe-pye weed.



A spicebush swallowtail checking out a yellow fringed orchid




The yellow fringed orchid in bloom in Shawnee State Forest




The crested coral root in bloom near Shawnee State Forest



Eastern Comma Butterfly
The eastern comma butterfly spreads its brilliant wings at Rhododendron Cove State Nature Preserve.




Monarch and Zinnia
A monarch butterfly enjoys nectaring on the zinnias at the front gate of Hide-A-Way Hills.




Pink Lady's Slipper Orchid
Alongside the Buckeye Trail, A pink lady’s slipper orchid nods its head in a large patch of the native flowers.




Jacob's Ladder
Jacob’s ladder opens its delicate violet blooms in the early spring in the Hocking Hills.




Dutchman's Breeches in Wildcat Hollow
The blooms of Dutchman’s breeches arch over speckled water leaf in Wildcat Hollow in Wayne National Forest.




Foamflower flourishes in Big Spring Hollow in Hocking State Forest.




Branch of Redbud Tree
The redbud tree’s blossoms grace a branch in Clearcreek Metro Park.




Sedge at the Rappelling Area in Hocking State Forest
The many varieties of native sedge are among some of the often overlooked plants in the Hocking Hills region and beyond.




Red Trillium
Red trillium displays a red center and broad leaves after a rainy day in Big Spring Hollow.





Bluebells at Three Creeks
In the spring, bluebells abound in many parks and nature preserves.  Three Creeks Metro Park is well-known for its bluebell trail.




Honeybee and Bluebells at Three Creeks
A honeybee visits the bluebells at Three Creeks Metro Park.




Bluet Close Up
This photograph is a close-up look at the tiny, delicate bluet flower.




Blue-Eyed Mary
Blue-Eyed Mary glows a little in the early morning light at Wildcat Hollow in Wayne National Forest.




White Tailed Skimmer Dragonfly
A white-tailed skimmer dragonfly hangs onto a stick at Wahkeena Nature Preserve.




Pollinators and Sunflower
An assortment of pollinators lunch on a sunflower near Yellow Springs, Ohio.




Fritillaries on Butterfly Weed
These fritillary butterflies look radiant as they feast on butterfly weed in Zaleski State Forest.




Sulphur Butterfly and Butterfly Bush.
This sulphur enjoys a butterfly bush at Howell Park butterfly garden in Bremen, Ohio.




Monarch and Monarch Caterpillar
A monarch and a monarch caterpillar cross paths on this stem in the butterfly garden at Howell Park in Bremen, Ohio.




Native Bee and Wingstem Flower
A native bee covers itself in the pollen of a wingstem flower at Clearcreek Metro Park.




Tiger Swallowtail and Echinacea
A tiger swallowtail visits a purple coneflower in a flower garden.




Hummingbird Moth and Bee Balm
A hummingbird moth peeks through the native bee balm at Rhododendron Cove State Nature Preserve.




Iridescent Bee and Fleabane
An iridescent bee visits the dainty, daisy-like, fleabane flower at Clearcreek Metro Park.



Dragonfly Portrait
This beautiful dragonfly poses for its portrait at Wahkeena Nature Preserve.



Yellow Trout Lily Upview
The trout lily bloom is about one and a half inches long and grows very close to the ground, making it challenging to get this inside shot of the flower blooming at Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve.





Sweet William, Wild Blue Phlox
Sweet William, also known as wild blue phlox, shows its phases of bloom at Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve.



Hummingbird Moth and Milkweed
A hummingbird clearwing moth enjoys some common milkweed at Wahkeena Nature Preserve.




Milkweed Flight
Common milkweed seeds are blown into the sky by a brisk wind at Stage’s Pond State Nature Preserve.




Dryad's Reflection
Autumn leaves float over a reflection of tree branches at Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve.




Fairy Tale Danger
A brief beam of sunlight illuminates the roots of a fallen tree, and an imaginary world of fairy tale danger is born.





Ice Form at Old Man's Cave
Ice stalactites and stalagmites form from water dripping from the walls near Old Man’s Cave.





Woodland Sunflower
The woodland sunflower shows its cheerful face at Clearcreek Metro Park in midsummer.




Winter Wind
The seeds of the native Indian hemp at Stage’s Pond State Nature Preserve are teased out of the pod by the wind.




Native Sunflower Opening
A native sunflower is poised to spread its petals in early summer at The Appalachia Ohio Alliance Conservation Site near Rockbridge, Ohio.




Spangled Fritillary and Ironweed
A spangled fritillary meets ironweed at Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve.




Dragonfly at the Lily Pond
A dragonfly takes a rest near the lily pond at the Appalachia Ohio Alliance Conservation Site near Rockbridge, Ohio.




Sedge in Hide-A-Way Hills
The greenery of an early blooming spring sedge in Hide-A-Way Hills contrasts with last year’s browned grass.



Honey Bee Loves Wingstem
A honeybee enjoys a wingstem flower at the Appalachia Ohio Alliance Conservation Site.




Five - Lined Skink
A five-lined skink pauses for a moment before skittering away along the log.




Tiger Swallowtail Portrait
A tiger swallowtail drying its wings at Clearcreek Metro Park seems to fix the viewer with a wary eye.




Dewey Jewel Weed
So many of our beautiful wildflowers are called “weeds.” This is jewel weed glittering with dewdrops at Rockbridge State Nature Preserve.




Spangled Fritillary Butterfly Portrait
A spangled fritillary nectars on ironweed at Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve.




Broken-Winged Beauty
This eastern tiger swallowtail is still beautiful in spite of its broken wing.




Bloodroot opens its translucent petals at Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve.



Rue Anemone Unfolding
The rue anemone, one of spring’s magical flowers, gently unfolds into the morning mist at Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve.





Fertile Frond of Sensitive Fern
The fertile frond of sensitive fern stands near the Cemetery Trail at Clearcreek Metro Park.




Boch Hollow Fairy Door
There is always something beautiful to see at Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve even in the winter.




Deptford Pink
The Deptford pink shines out from a dewy green background at Lake Hope State Park.





Snow Trillium
The snow trillium, pictured here at Miller Nature Sanctuary, grows close to the ground with the flower tucked into its leaves.



Fungi Collection

2016-7-23-5180069Turkey Tail

Red Mushroom Emerging


Fringed MushroomSulfur Colored Mushroom

Red Shelf Fungus







Wood Ear FungusScarlet Elf Cup