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Unearthed Roots
Unearthed roots at Jordan Lake in North Carolina reach out across the land toward the water.




Flag Lily Unfurling
A yellow flag lily struggles to unfurl itself at Wahkeena Nature Preserve.




Twenty-One Horses Cave
Water drips down the walls of Twenty-One Horses Cave (also called Chapel Cave) on the bridle trail in Hocking State Forest.  Do you see the figure of a horse facing you with its head turned to the side?




The Ghost of Moonville Tunnel
Cheryl used a little photographic legerdemain to create this image that resembles the ghost of Moonville Tunnel in Zaleski State Forest.




Love Locks on Old Seven
Lovers make a pact to stay together when they place these locks on the Old Seven Mile Bridge in Marathon, Florida.



View of the Sea through Old Seven
A view of the sea through the bottom of the Old Seven Mile Bridge in Marathon, Florida, creates an abstract image.




Sweet Yard Deer
Sweet yard deer in the Hocking Hills gaze off into the distance.




Streambed Sculpture at Cedar Falls
The streambed was full of these fanciful sculptures the day this picture was taken at Cedar Falls in the Hocking Hills. The little cairns and figures intrigue passers-by but creating them disrupts the natural scene and disturbs the environment.




Seeing You
The Polyphemus moth opens its wings to reveal “eyes” that ward off predators.




Fish Shape Reflection
The wall of Old Man’s Cave Gorge reflected in the dwindling water during a very dry summer creates a fish shape.





Chair View of Buckeye Lake
The Chair acts as a frame for an island in the distance on Buckeye Lake.




Chair on the Horizon
The Chair tops the dam at Hide-A-Way Hills.




Chair of Mystery
A photo of the Chair in a misty forest creates an enigmatic image.




Chair and Overpass
The Chair hugs the overpass of Route 33.



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     – The Year of the Chair

Captive Hawk
This rescue hawk will never fly free again.



Windows to Windows - "There must be some kinda way out of here."
Modern Windows look out onto Gothic windows in the imposing edifice of the former Athens State Hospital. Ohio University now owns the building and has turned it into an art museum.




Eagle Woman
A statue of a cloaked woman leaning away from you, or an ice sculpture of an eagle’s head? Which do you see?




Leafing Out
The dried magnolia leaves in this shot reach out toward the viewer.




Weathered Wood
Weathered wood creates patterns on the ground at Jordan Lake in North Carolina.



Gumby and Pokey


Last summer, Gumby and Pokey enjoyed a day exploring the Scioto Mile in Columbus, Ohio. Cheryl followed them with her camera to document their adventures.  ( ;

(These shots include both on-site photographs and composites in Photoshop.)